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Hey. I’m a 20 year old student living in central London. I made a new journal and this time I’ve decided to only add people I don’t know in ‘reality’. Makes things less complicated. I’m studying film and Im also a part time model. I love music. I go to atleast one gig a week. My taste is pretty wide ranged. Death metal, indie, punk, jazz, classical you name it.. if its good.. I listen to it. Obviously Films are a big thing in my life. But im not overly geeky about them, I love getting tattoo’s and piercings.. i have a few. I watch shows like family guy, American dad, scrubs, mighty boosh, The office, flight of the conchordes etc. I like reading books. My favorites would probably be shantaram and fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Oh and I change my hair ALOT. That’s pretty much the basic stuff. So feel free to add me if any of that got your attention…

Incase you’re wondering.. here’s what I look likeCollapse )

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hey im allison, im a 19 year old college student and i want some new friends :)
i usually write about school, work, parties, and my friends
and i post pictures a lot

add me? :)

i like road trips too
and wearing sunglasses at night

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well hey, im allison
and im BFF with spiderman

im 17, 18 in december.. cant waitttttt, i live in austin, im a senior in high school
im kinda awesome, not gonna lie
i make a lot of short and sweet posts
and make a lottttt of picture posts
and i comment quite a bit :)

my old journal got suspended :(
so i need some new friends

add me please? ♥

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"I like the fact that people either think I’m incredibly gorgeous or fucking ugly." My name is Heather Odem a.k.a. Frankie Chemical. I hate my real name mainly because every girl I've met named Heather was stupid and usually a slut. I am neither of those things regardless what you or anyone else on the almighty internet may think. I have a wonderfully odd computer geek boyfriend named Joe. We're engaged and have been forever. The only new update on us is that we're expecting a daughter at the end of October (Samantha Aeyrn). I enjoy rainy days, music (any kind except bubble gum pop and country music), the night time, Sims 2, and taking random pictures. My favorite foods are oreos & peanut butter and pickles (not together). Favorite things to do in my spare time include: fuck with my livejournal layout, get rejected from just about every rating community livejournal has to offer, watch Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis with my boy, and nap. Naps are fucking great. I also love to draw and write but those are just more hobbies no one reading this will care about. I CURRENTLY HAVE NO REAL ENTRIES BUT WILL PROBABLY HAVE AT LEAST ONE OR TWO BY THE TIME ANYONE SEE'S THIS. MY JOURNAL IS NOT DEAD JUST GETTING RE-SITUATED!!